Tenon attended the 12th China International Building & Decoration Fair

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On July 8, the 20th China international architectural decoration expo was held in Guangzhou Canton fair pavilion and poly world trade fair. -金沙@369网址Guangzhou construction fair has "the first exhibition of Asian building materials" said, has always been a great event in the industry.As a leading brand of China's smart lock, Tenon can bring a full range of products to "dress up"!-js8189.com-金沙国际网址js-金沙官网网址js365566.com

At the past China construction expo, the Tenon has attracted many audiences with its atmospheric design and unique products.This year, the Tenon brand pavilion is located in zone 2.1-20, zone A of the Canton fair exhibition hall. In the future, the design and innovative products with A strong sense of design and subversion are particularly eye-catching.-438.com澳门金沙The crowd in the pavilion is surging , the grand situation is unprecedented, the exhibition audience sped to try and ask!

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